Alati Matthaiou company was founded in 1994 from Evripidis Matthaiou in Stylida, Greece as a Sole proprietorship, having as a main business activity selling salt to the farmers of the region.
In 2002 the company moved into a 5000 m2 sheltered warehouse in Agia Marina, Greece expanding its customer base to agri-food, chemical and snow clearance industries, amongst others.
In August 2017, the company changed to ‘Alati Matthaiou Private Company” and it has expanded further by buying an industrial factory at BIPE Lamias, where the headquarters have relocated to, as well as an 18 acres land at the 14th km Lamias-Stylidas.
Since June 2019, the company is certified by the ISO 22000, a food safety management system certification, and ISO 9001, a quality management system certification.
The company has capabilities to store more than 40000 tons of salt, which makes it the market leader in the industry of industrial salt.